I’m a Snowbird: How Do I Ship My Car?

It’s rare that you find someone who enjoys the bitter cold of winter. That’s why snowbirds are increasingly common. Snowbirds are people from the northern United States and Canada who “head south” to warmer climates during the winter.

Like the birds from which they take their name, these people avoid snow, sleet and freezing rain by going to states such as Florida, Arizona, Texas and California. Many snowbirds are left with the same question: do I fly or drive to my new destination? Continue reading

Exotic Car Transportation: Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches & More

There are cars, and then there are exotic cars. It’s easy to transport a sedan cross-country for a big move, but trying to transport a Ferrari or transport a Porsche is a different matter entirely. If you’re wondering “How do I transport my Ferrari?” or “How do I transport my Lamborghini?”, the answer to those questions is clear: you need a reliable, insured car transportation company that will give your favorite auto the protection it deserves. Continue reading

What is Containerized Car Transport?

People often think of their car as an extension of themselves. When you think about the way people normally travel (via car, plane or train), you’ll notice that the utmost care is taken to ensure their safety. Wouldn’t you want the same for your car?

That’s where containerized car transport comes in to play. Whether you’re trying to transport a luxury car to an auto show or moving your sedan internationally, containerized car transportation is like flying your car first class rather than coach.

“How do I transport my car?” is a question that many ask themselves. Containerized car transport might be an option to consider, as it provides a safe, “showroom-ready” way to move your car.

Containerized car transportation is a form of international car transportation and enclosed car transportation using the large metal containers you may have seen on freight trains or shipping barges on the docks. Continue reading

How Does Enclosed Car Transport Work?

Transporting an automobile can be a daunting task. There are so many options and so many carriers that it can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with exotic car transportation or vintage car transportation.

Enclosed car transport provides a safer alternative to open car transportation. Just as the name implies, enclosed car transportation consists of moving an automobile while it is enclosed, usually in a truck trailer.

Getting started can be tricky, so here are 6 steps to follow when you want to use an enclosed car transportation service. Continue reading

How Do I Internationally Ship My Car?

The excitement of moving to another country – whether for school, work or love - is often accompanied by a flurry of preparation, including the hard decision of which items to take and which to leave behind. Some items, like the Mercedes your father left you or the classic El Camino you’ve been working on since high school, are no-brainers.

You’ve got enough to do without worrying about how to relocate your car, truck or motorcycle from the USA to Australia, from the USA to Germany or from New Zealand to the USA.

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How to Find a Reputable Enclosed Car Transportation Service

Cars are, by definition, meant to get from Point A to Point B. But sometimes a vehicle, such as a luxury sedan, antique truck or a racing car, is too precious or fragile to make the trip. Likewise, an owner simply might not have time to fit the move into a busy schedule.

Even the best driver offering open vehicle transportation may not be able to protect treasured automobiles from the elements and debris that can crack a windshield, dent the body or expose the car to theft or vandalism.

Whether across town or across the country, enclosed car transportation, in which a vehicle is fully encased in a trailer while it is moved, is the safest means of shipping the $257,000 Ferrari 458 Spider you got for Christmas, the low rider you want to show off at a car show or the custom chopper you just built for a client.

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